Elif is now 3 years old and had lived on the streets since she was a puppy, she was spayed when she was around 6 months old and her food, health and welfare needs were taken care of by Sonia. She unfortunately got run over twice, the first time she was hit on her back end which left her with one leg slightly shorter than the other. The second time she was more severely injured and had to have her front leg amputated, this meant she would be unable to survive back on the street so arrangements had to made urgently for her to find a foster home for her recovery and a permanent home where she could live the rest of her life in comfort and safety. Elif is one of the lucky ones, she made an amazing recovery in the care of her foster Mum and got offered a super home in the UK. She made her long journey by road to her forever home in October 2013 and is now living a life filled with love and happiness with her new family.



I have some wonderful news for you all..........Last week Missy taken was taken on by a Dutch shelter. They have found a marvelous foster home for her and are confident she will have a forever home in few weeks’ time. She went to the state vet for her export papers at the beginning of the week and flew to Holland on Saturday. I am so happy she will finally be getting the life she deserves, full of attention and love for the rest of her life. She will have a home with her very own safe garden. It doesn't stop me feeling sad and missing her, her smiling little face and "waggly" bottom; her funny little ways that always made me laugh. Giving Missy the chance of her very own forever home is the reward for fostering though, knowing I have played a part along with many other MAW volunteers over the last months to get Missy ready to move on to a permanent home gives me total job satisfaction. Without all the members of MAW and Gokova Animal Rescue support and donations this wouldn't have been possible. You all too have played a huge part in getting Missy fit and well enough to live her life in comfort and happiness, so HUGE thanks go out to everyone involved in Missy's rescue and rehabilitation. Good luck and much happiness my darling girl Missy  x 



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