Sidni had a very uncomfortable night and was sick a lot yellow bile.I took him to the animal hospital first thing this morning where he was x-rayed no bladder stone was seen but the urethra had a total blockage from crystals and pus. Goksel Bayramli did an emergency operation on him to try and insert a catheter it was a dangerous op because it had only been 36hrs since his last general anaesthetic and I had to stay with him. Goksel managed to insert the catheter thank god and drained his bladder of urine, pus and blood. He then put him on a drip because he was dehydrated not having eaten or drunk for 2 days. He now has to wear a lampshade, and has the catheter sewn to him and I have to open it 4 times a day to drain his urine for 7 days and return to Hasan everyday for an antibiotic injection. He is also taking a laxative until he can pooh. He has to have special food to clean his urinary system for 3 mnths, no chicken,fish just Hills SD. The good news is he has been drinking again though he hasnt eaten since Friday lunchtime. He is very uncomfortable, depressed and hates his lampshade. I miss his purrs so much, He has been so brave through all of this intrusion and pain he has hardly cried out and hasn't scratched or swore at the vets at all, he is no problem to get in the cat box just walks in and out like he knew he needed help. Hopefully from tomorrow he will be on the road to a successful recovery. Thank you all so much for your lovely messages for support for Sidni, I didn't realise he had so many followers Im over whelmed at them all and Im sure your combined prayers and healing has helped him get through this in such a dignified manner. x