I'm so sad to say Sidni is very poorly. He has a bladder stone blocking his urethra. Yesterday afternoon he had to have a general anaesthetic so Hasan could insert a catheter to drain his bladder unfortunately this wasn't successful as it is a total blockage. He had to have his bladder drained from his stomach. We were hoping he would pass the stone today but he didn't so has had to have the same procedure again but this time there was a lot of blood in his urine. He has to go for an x-ray and or ultra sound tomorrow morning to locate exactly where in the urethra the stone is and maybe an operation from there. He is very, very poorly and lifeless, he has been so brave. He has had antibiotics, painkillers and a muscle relaxant and is sleeping now. Please send all your prayers and healing for him and please forgive me if I dont reply to your messages and pms I am so worried for him x