Sidni says...' Well I've been a bit poorly agen last week, I cudnt wee so me mum bundles me in the cat box and off we wen' on her scooter to the vets, well by the time I got there I was dizzy as well, the world looks like its whizzin' past me eyes! She only wen' slow though though really. Anyways in we go to seeHasan Ulaş Gökduman now me Mum finks hes sooooo 'andsome and clever she goes all swooney like, its right embarrassin' it is, an' 'onestly at 'er age she should know better! As it 'appens I didn't get to see to much of 'is face cos he was poking an' proddin' round me back end most of the time, he 'ad to put this caffeter fing up me willy!!!! Well I weren't too impressed wiv that I can tell ya, I fink me Mum wud go right off 'im if he did that to 'er! Then he gave me 2 injections and sent us 'ome said I got urine stones an' infection..................Now this is where fings took a turn for the worse cos me Mum fawt she'd have a bit of a rest...she'e always knackered she says... I don't knows why.. 'onestly I does all the hard work round 'ere with those devil kittens its me that needs a rest!!!.. so she gets the pillow off the bed and stretches out on the sofa like the queen wiv 'er new DVD, all good so far then..................5 minutes later I comes rushin' in from the garden me front paws knee high in mud, fick dribble pourin' out me mouf an' mud all round me face, I was 'avin a major panik attack o' somfink............Oh my god Sidni, wat 'av you done now!!!! she says to me... Well I cudn't answer 'er cos I fawt I was gonna die, so's I was bundled back into the cat box an' off we went back to the vets, we wen' a bit faster this time but I didn't care cos I jus' wanted to get there I felt soooo bad. Anyways turns out I 'ad a bad reaction to one of the injections so I 'ad to 'av anuver to counteract it, well that did the trick an' I started to breave normally agen then to add insult to injury Hasan unblocked me willy an' I peed all overElif Kalyoncu Çeltik the lovely assistants feet!!!! Now if it 'ad been Hasan's I wouldn't 'av minded 'an I wud 'av laughed but no it 'ad to be Elifs dint it an' I hung me head in shame! Sorry Elif......... I can tells yous all one fing though that was the best pee I ever 'ad!!!!!!.....................................So 'eres me new photo to prove I does ALL the work wiv them monsters I even 'ave to wash 'em dirty little beggars they are. Me Mum tells me one of 'ems been adopted by a very nice lady called Nisan Whiteman well alls I can say to 'er is fank you so much for taking one of the little blighter's off me 'ands 'an I hope some more lovely people come soon to take the rest of 'em an' I can get me life back!..........................Oh an' i nearly forgot to tell you I've got some visitors comin' saturday to see me an' the ovvers......well ME mostly cos me Mum says I'm 'er best boy....Dave Parish an' the lovely Elaine all the way from England are comin' an' I'm goin to say a big special fank you too them for there fab donation to 'elp me an me friends 'ere, Im sooo excited, 'ope I don't pee on 'em!!


Lots of love, too many drugs, wet shoes, an' dirty kittens, Sidni xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'

 Pat says...' i love you Sidni-your stories are fab-you do make me smile

Tamzin says...' I love reading about Sidni's world. Here's hoping your water works settle down & you get to put your paws up soon. XXX

Sue says...' haha thats really cheered me up sidney not cos ya poorly its the way tha talks hope u will feel a bit better tomoz luv

Lyn says...' Well Sidni what can i say. You have just had my friend and i in fits of laughter. Well i bet you feel a whole lot better after that big weeeee. Poor Elif how emmbarest are you for doing that to her. And as for your mum having a swoon at Hasan at her age as well. Well you look like your looking after those little kritters really well Keep up the good work İm sure that Nisan will be pleased at the way you have brought up those babies xxxx

Kate says...' OhSonny B we love these little tales bout Sidni hope you keep a book cause we sure they will make fab books for children and you will become a very famous author.... money honey for your old age!!!!! lotsa love to you and Sidni xxxxxx

Christine says...' Sidni, please please pee on em, and say its cos Chris luvs ya's

 Sidni says...' Aunties Pat, Tamzin, Sue, Kate and Lyn I'm so's pleased yous are all enjoyin' me Tales cos I loves making people 'appy..... Me Mum says she don't knows nuffin about being an aufer an' all that says it takes too bleepin' long to 'elp me write me stuff on 'ere! Well if she got rid o' them naughty kittens we'd both 'av more time, wudn't we!! ...........I IS 'avin me own page called Sidni's Tales on the new website though, I'll lets yous all know when it's ready then I'll be famous all over the world!!! Aunty Chris me Mums warned me I've gotta be on me best behaviour Saturday uverwise she's told me she's gonna cut me chicken rations an' I can't risk that!!! I luvs yous all loads, Sidni xxxxxxxxxxx