Sidni says...Will ya look at this!, yous can see what Ive got to put up with, disturbed me afternoon nap they did, no manners the little devils,no manners a all! I can see I'm goin' to 'ave to 'elp me Mum out a bit 'ere, 'onestly she's got no control over 'em at all! What they needs is a farver figure to show 'em where they're goin' wrong and I fink I'm just that cat! I'll let yous all know 'ow it all goes wiv the little blighters! Lots of love and bad mannered kittens


Sidni xxxxxxxxxxx

 Michelle says...' is he break dancing??

 Sidni says...' Aunty Michelle I aint got time for no bloomin' dancin' let alone break dancin'! I'm on a mission to teach these little 'erberts a bit o' respect! I can't rely on me Mum doin' it, she aint got a clue! Don't tell 'er I told you that though, it's dinner time soon and I don't wan me rations cut! 'x

 Lyn says...' Oh Sidni... You have got your work cut out mate, but your just the boy to sort it out, I know your mum hasn't got a clue and is going to need all the help she can get, and I know you can do it, so be good and you might just get a bit more of that chicken xx

 Sheila says...' Sidni, shall I send the girls round?

 Sidni says...' I knows Aunty Lyn, I knows! Since theys arrived there's been no peace! Me 'ole life as been turned upside down, specially on me chicken dinners! Its gonna be all work 'ere until the little beggers can behave themselves! You may fink they looks cute Aunty Sheila, but I finks they are the spawn of the devil! Fanks for the offer of the girls but I aint got time at the moment for no canoodlin'! xxxxxxxxxxx