Sidni says...' Sorry I aint bin about much but I spose you've all 'eard the news about the new arrivals, 4 blooming squealing kittens! Well let me tell you I aint 'appy about it at all, I went awol yesterday in protest! Got me Mum worried sick I did, well so she should be! Me Mum says I've got to be nice to 'em cos they only babies, tiny they are they are, but yous wanna see the grub they put away, greedy little devils and best food an' all!. Anyways I stayed in me room today, sulkin' I was, still I spose I'll 'ave to put up wiv 'em. Mum put a stair gate up at the door to keep 'em out cos she's frightened shes gonna tread on one of 'em an' they got fleas!!!! Well they only wen' and climbed over it today, blooming kittens everywhere there was, I don't wan' their second hand fleas I can get me own fanks! Mum says to say fanks a lot for all your lovely donations an' help yous all so kind. If yous wanna 'elp me you can have one of the little monkeys!, not yet though cos they gotta be fattened up first 'parently, shouldn't take too long the way there guzzlin' everyfin! Anyway this is a photo of me complaining loudly to Mum 'bout them,she didn't take no notice though! Lots of love and kittens gettin' on your nerves.

Sidni xxxxxxxxxxxxxx'  

Sheila says...' love it!!! love Sidni and love you!!!! xxx

Sidni says...' Aunty Sheila Kyte Mum says your lendin' 'er a box to put those bloomin' kittens in, its so's kind of you but I finks the person that made it, made it wrong cos it opens see!!! I wud prefer a box that stayed shut wiv 'em inside it! Don't tell Mum I said that though or she might put me in one, eeeekkkkk!'

Pat says...' dont worry Sidni everybody loves you pxx

Lyn says...' Oh Sidni you can help them. Your the big cat now... Show them where to do there business and all that stuff. but dont tell the boys about the nice man in the white coat. or they'll do a runner. We love ya loads Sidni and ya mum as well xxx

 Sidni says...' Fanks Aunty Pat and Aunty Lyn,I luvs you too. 'Onestly all the little devils do is eat, pooh an sleep, they 'ave the best food an' all, best food mind you, Whiskers, chicken an' all that, greedy pigs they are! I'm right jealous, me Mum knows chickens me favourite and I only got a wincy tincy portion last night cos them greedy pigs ate it all, I'm not 'appy bout the situation at all, I can tell yous. Anyways in the night I got the bin out and took a chicken bone for meself, I hid it under the mat in the bathroom an' when me Mum went in there this mornin' she trod on it! I can't tells ya what she said to me but there was a lot of naughty words an' she said if I told yous I'd get even less tonight! Aw well I spose someones gotta look after them theys only babies. Lots of love and too many greedy pig kittens Sidni xxxxxxxxxxxxxx