Sidni says...' Well this weeks been a bit of a toilet week as it 'appens!!!. I 'ad a bit of a scare , I was 'avin a bit of trouble goin' to the loo ya see, so me Mum pops down to the vet to see what he could do to 'elp me, well she only came back with this bottle fing with a long nozzle on it, called an enema!! 'pparently it goes up me bum an' squirts water up there! Well I took one look at it an' fawt no way hose is that goin' anywhere near my bum an' I was off like a rocket!!! Anyway the fright seems to 'ave done the trick and the medicine is now in the cupboard, fank gawd!.............. Oh! an' someone wet the bed one night as well! That was a palaver I can tell ya as whoever done it, done it on my side of the bed, so yous can all guess who got the blame!!! We had to get up at 3.30am and change all the bed, of course I 'elped me Mum with putting the clean sheets an' everyfin' an which she said was no elp at all, cos it took her twice as long to get me untangled from them! Anyways the verdicts still out on who did it but I fink it was me Mum as there was only me an' 'er in!!!....................I hope ya all like me new photo, this is me in bed wiv two of them naughty kittens. Note: nobody peed in this bed, so it must 'ave been me Mum!!!!!! Lots of love, scary enemas and wet sheets, Sidni xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'

Pat says...' aaw Sidni-take care-you dont look too happy with those little critters in your bed- i hope your bum problem is ok soon-auntie pat xxx

Sidni says...' This aint my bed Aunty Pat, I sleeps wiv me Mum. This is those devil kittens bed. I fink I'm not lookin' me best 'ere as it was the mornin' after the bed wettin' incident an' I was a bit tired after the night time shenanigans!!!' x