Sidni says...' I just wanna tell ya what happened to me today, well me Mum only went and left her chicken dinner on the table while she went to the loo, dint she! So's I jumped up and fawt I'd give 'er an 'and eatin' it as it was so big, only trying to help again. Well you should of 'eard what she said to me, I cant tell ya cos most of it was swearin'! Anyway turned out I got me own all ready in me bowl for when she'd finished, well she never told me so hows was I supposed to know that! It's 'er own fault anyway for not giving me mine 1st, Mum says it was too hot, that's why. Perhaps she'll keeep me informed of the dinner arrangements next time to save 'er all this stress! Anyway time for me 4th siesta now before I go on to night duty savin' me Mum from certain death.
Lots of love and furry cuddles, Sidni xxxxxxxxxxxx 

Michelle says...' dear sidni i am beginning to doubt yhat you are a clever cat!!!Ihave known sonia a lot longer than you. so take it from me coming between sonia and her din dins is never a good idea!! in fact this kind of behaviour should only be taken up by either the criminally insane, or someone who is suicidal. so sidni if it should happen again , stand well clear of the unattended chicken.yes sidni stand well backxxx

Sidni says... ' Aunty Michelle Kane, Ill 'ave you know I is very clever that's why I waited 'til she 'ad gone to the loo! and anyways I ain't criminally insane even tho' she says I'm a lunatic which I'm not either. The funniest part was I can run faster than me Mum so she'd never catch me anyway, I'll shows ya when yous comes to visit! Lots of purrs and white hairs on ya best clothes, Sidni xxxxxxxxxx'