Sidni says...' well we 'ad a bit of a to do the other night 'ere! I'll tell yous about it, me Mum was cookin' 'er dinner, chicken agen she knows thats me favourite,

anyways I wanted a better look to see where she was at wiv it an' I couldn't see from where I was sittin' on the floor so's I fawt I knows I'll jump up onto 'er laptop cos I'll get a betta view from there, well the bloomin' fing started bleepin an' pingin' goin' mad it were, me mum turned round to see what was 'appening 'get off that bloomin' laptop' she shouted!

so's I jumped down an' next fing I know she's all stressy cos apparently I'd deleted the C,V an' H key sos eeryting was oming out like tis!!!! Anyways Mums fixed it now so's I can write to yous all about me adventures.

 This is a picture of me next to the offendin' machine.


Sorry Mum! Lots of love and lots of messy cat litter all over your best rug,

Sidni xxxxxxxxxx' 

Pat says...' oh Sidni please be careful laptops can get very hot smetimes and especially in this heat-dont want you burning your bum p xxx  

Sidni says...' Aunty Pat I do's 'ave to be careful of me bum what wiv 'avin no tail an' all. I luvs sittin' on the laptop cos it always gets me Mums attention, yous wanna 'ere 'er when I do though,'onestly the fings she says would make you blush! Anyways me Mum fixed it 'an it won't my fault cos it was 'er that left it open but thats Mums for ya ain't it! Lots of love and pings and bleeps Sidni xxxxxxxxxxxx'