Sidni says...' Well I 'elped me Mum to put up 'er new kitchen blind today, well it all started off well she got the chair 'an climbed onto the worktop to get the old one down first, I didn't get under 'er feet like she told me not too, I sat by the chair like the good boy that I am.


Anyways after a lot of huffin' an' puffin' and saying those naughty words again that I don't understand the old blind flew off the wall came crashin' to the floor an' nearly 'ad me 'ead off! I runned out the door for me life!


This is me sat next to it, after she chucked it out onto the balcony.


Last time I'll be 'elpin me Mum with any DIY for a while I can tell ya! I can't risk me life that that again!


Lots of love and kisses Sidni xxxxxxxxxxxxxx