Sidni says... ' Well this is me 10 days on don't I look handsome?


Er Indoors gave me hair a good brush an washed me face so Id look me best for me new photo. Ive 'ad a busy mornin' got all the toys out of the toy box an chased em all round the kitchen, She's been trippin' over 'em all mornin' hehe!


Now I'm having a little siesta on the table, She says I shouldn't be on the table cos people have their coffee and cake on there and they wont want my smelly bum there first, but I dont take no notice an anyway I like it on the table!

Lots of love n purrs xxxxxx



Sidni Says...' Well Shes always goin' on about how much She's got to do so I fawt I'd help her wiv the washing, being the good boy that I am.

Well you shud 'av 'eard her, She says too me if I dont get out that bloomin' machine and off 'er best towl shes gonna shut the door an wash me! I was only tryin' to be helpful wasn't I?, wont bother again She can do it 'erself.

Anyways its bedtime for kittens nighty night xxxxxxx