Sidni says... ' Well me stumps healing lovely its not sore at all now.

I ventured in to the lounge this morning and saw some of the other cats here, well they looked at me kinda funny but I took no notice, Im proud of me new tail and to be honest they werent the prettiest bunch in my opinion, one had only 3 legs and another was blind so I think Im a lot luckier than they was.

Im having to take antibiotic tablets every day and I hate them, she trys to shoot em down me throat with a pill popper, well I give her a good run for her money when its time for them,keep spitting em out and scratched her an all!

Oh, and I got meself on film as well!, have you seen me video?

Im really pleased with it all the girls are gonna fall in luv with me.

Anyway must dash its mid morning snack time!

Catch yous all later xxxxx'