Sidni says...' Well! you shud 'ave been here last night, I was out in the garden playing when I 'eard me Mum scream! 'Sidniiiiiiiiii' she shouted so' I came rushin' in to find out what was goin' on, well apparently this this spider the size of a saucer strolled in the front door an' run through the lounge, me Mum nearly wet 'er pants she was so scared she said- well I knows thats not true cos it was so bloomin' 'ot she wont wearin' any!- don't tell 'er I told you though.



Anyways turns out she'd already been behind it wiv a broom and it 'ad gone under the fridge, so I says to 'er I'll never get under there, Ill have to wait 'til your asleep then catch the monster! Honestly me life’s not me own 'ere its work, work, work! Still I do gets nice dinners and loads of cuddles to 'elp me wind down so it's not bad really!


Lots of love playful scratches, Sidni xxxxxxxxxxx'