Hey everyone!

Can you see me?


Sidni says...' Yep this is me in the olive tree! 'ad a whale of a time runnin' up it, wasn't so easy to get down tho' I can tll ya! Well me aunty Jan an' uncle Phil came to see me this week, I was a bit shy well I was tired really 'cos I'm up all night chargin' round like a lunatic, or so me Mum says.

I dont fink I'm a lunatic I fink I'm superman cos when she's sleepin' Im catchin' the spiders and saving her from 'avin a heart attack and certain death,'onestly you'd fink she'd appreciate me efforts a bit more than she does!

Oh well thats Mums for ya!

Anyway must rush 'an get another grasshopper, she loves it wen I brings her presents!

Lots of love and big purrrrrs Sidni xxxxxxx — at Gokova.