Sidni Says...' Have you seen my new photo, don't I look cute?



I just love my new stumpy tail its so nice that it doesn't hurt me anymore,well its just a tiny bit sore but it was worth it. Ive eaten all my breakfast and and lunch like a good boy,you know what? Im going to be sooo handsome and strong when Im grown up all the girls will fall in love with me!


Anyway its kittens siesta time now so see you all later, lots of purrs and meaows' xxxxx


Sidni says...' well ive had the best day in me life so far breakfast, lunch and dinner all served to me in lovely little bowls, its like a dream come true and I ate the lot, good boy that I am!


Ive had me bedding changed again and got a lovely comfy blue cushion today, much better than that hard old ground I used to sleep on.


Im purring so loud I cant hear meself think, I even think the neighbours can hear me!


Me new tail feels grand and I can even sit down.


Well its bed time for kittens now, nighty night and thanks so much for helping me, Im so happy I could burst or maybe thats just cos I ate to much!


Lots of love and licks, sees you all tomorrow x'