Welcome everyone, meet Sidni.

He is our 1st rescue as Gokova Animal Rescue.

 I first saw Sidni 2 months ago.

 His tail had a large open wound on it and his back leg/ hip had been injured.  

I went home to get the cat box but when I returned he was gone.

I looked for him and asked people if they had seen him for many weeks,

to no avail. He was in such poor condition, I thought he had probably died. 

 Well, last night I found him again and he was in a terrible state.

 Gangrene has set in his tail and he has a large abscess on his cheek

which burst during the night;

his leg/hip has fused so badly that his back leg is now deformed and he

was heavily infested with fleas and worms. 


I took him straight to Hasan Ulaş Gökduman…

my lovely vet in Gokova who does so much for the street animals.

He immediately gave Sidni antibiotics and a parasite injection.

 He also said he will have to have his tail amputated on Monday.

 Once we have the immediate health problems under control he will need

 an x-ray on his back leg to see what the situation is there. 

  Please help Sidni by making a donation via PayPal or straight into our

bank account, the paying in details are in the 'about' section. 

                                                                            Thank You