Sonia Garnett the charity’s founder began feeding and rescuing street animals in Turkey in 2007, giving them food, looking after their healthcare needs and providing emergency veterinary care for sick and injured street cats and dogs using her own money until it was rapidly running out, unable to see them go hungry or leave them to their fate was not an option for Sonia so with help from some good friends in the UK Gokova Animal Rescue was formed and set up as a small UK charity in April 2013 to raise funds to support the work she and other volunteers do to make life on the streets for these unwanted animals more bearable.



  • To provide food, health and medical care to sick, injured and abandoned animals.
  • To spay and neuter the street animals to prevent the population increasing.
  • To implement a vaccination program.
  • To find foster and permanent homes for cats and dogs suitable for re-homing.
  • To provide a safe haven for disabled and sick animals that cannot be returned to the streets.
  • To educate people on small animal welfare and the importance of neutering. 



We rely totally on your kind one off or regular monthly donations, and raise funds by selling your unwanted donated goods at table top, car boot sales and on the internet, hold raffles, tombola’s and coffee mornings. We also provide an English book library for expats in one of the cafes in Gokova with your donated books. If you would like to help us fund-raise please contact us with your ideas. If you would like to donate your unwanted goods to us please contact us for details of our collection points around the UK or how to claim your charity baggage flight allowance if you are visiting Turkey. If you would like to make a monetary donation please go to the 'How to Donate' page where you will find our PayPal button, bank account details and a standing order form you can print off. We are always grateful for any donations no matter how large or small and every penny goes to help street animals in need.


If you would like to help us to help street animals in need, please go to our donation page to find details of how you can make a donation to help pay for essential food, medicines and veterinary care.

Every pound is spent on the animals and is much appreciated.










Elif is now 3 years old and had lived on the streets since she was a puppy, she was spayed when she was around 6 months old and her food, health and welfare needs were taken care of by Sonia. She unfortunately got run over twice, the first time she was hit on her back end which left her with one leg slightly shorter than the other. The second time she was more severely injured and had to have her front leg amputated, this meant she would be unable to survive back on the street so arrangements had to made urgently for her to find a foster home for her recovery and a permanent home where she could live the rest of her life in comfort and safety. Elif is one of the lucky ones, she made an amazing recovery in the care of her foster Mum and got offered a super home in the UK. She made her long journey by road to her forever home in October 2013 and is now living a life filled with love and happiness with her new family.






Fleeby was rescued from the side of a busy dual carriageway in September 2013, she was around 4-5 weeks old. She was sitting all hunched up and her eyes were so severely infected they were stuck shut. She was called Fleeby because she was infested with fleas. After a visit to the vets where she was given eye drops and flea,tick and worm treatment, she began her recovery. Unfortunately her left eye couldn't be saved and she had it removed in October 2013, leaving her with just one partially sighted eye. As a now disabled cat it would be impossible for her to live on the streets so she has joined the other resident disabled cats that will spend the rest of their lives being loved and cared for by Sonia.